Senfin Financial Services Fund

The Senfin Financial Services Fund is an Open-Ended, Balanced Unit Trust that invests in CSE-listed shares that have exposure to/ operate within the Banking & Financial Services sector of Sri Lanka (excluding insurance sector operators).
A fund approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka.

Fund Launch Date
December 5, 2023
Asset Class
Equity & Fixed Income
Sri Lanka
Fund Currency
Custodian / Trustee
Management Fee
Entry Fee
Exit Fee
Minimum Investment
LKR 1000
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Portfolio Characteristics

To achieve a balance between long-term capital appreciation and income by investing in listed shares that have exposure to the Banking and Financial Services sector as well in fixed-income securities. The Fund’s primary investment strategy will be to invest in a portfolio of listed shares that have an exposure to the Banking and Financial Services sector. In the initial investment phase of the portfolio, a high proportion of the Fund will be invested in fixed-income securities. Thereafter, the Manager will invest up to 90% of the portfolio’s assets in listed equity securities with exposure to the sector subject, however the minimum investment shall not be less than 40% of the portfolio’s assets. The Fund may invest in all categories of equity listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange in the Banking & Financial Services Sector, including voting and non-voting shares, preference shares, rights, warrants, Initial Public Offers, offers for sale, and other equity-related issues.

Buying Price
Selling Price
Assets Under Management
63.4 Million
Last updated on 21/05/2024

Calendar Year Performance

Performance 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 YTD
to 30th
April *
SFSF - - - - -1.30% 17.02%
Benchmark - - - - -1.97% 21.87%
Past performance is not indicative of future results
* Non - Annualized return
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