Senfin Insurance Sector Fund

The Senfin Insurance Sector Fund (“Fund”) is an open-ended, Unit Trust that invests in Colombo Stock Exchange-listed shares that have exposure to the Insurance sector.

Fund Launch Date
August 23, 2022
Asset Class
Sri Lanka
Fund Currency
Custodian / Trustee
Management Fee
0.75% p.a. of NAV
Entry Fee
Exit Fee
Minimum Investment
LKR 1000
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Portfolio Characteristics

The Fund’s primary investment strategy will be to invest in a portfolio of listed shares that have an exposure to the Insurance sector. The Fund may invest in all categories of equity listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange, including voting and non-voting shares, preference shares, right, warrants, Initial Public Offers, offers for sale and other equity related issues. The Manager will invest a minimum of 50% of the Fund in Insurance sector equity at all times. When equity markets are believed to be overvalued, the Manager expects to liquidate equity investments, subject to minimum 50% being invested in Insurance sector equity and utilize the proceeds of such liquidation to invest in fixed income securities as set out in the Permitted Investment section of this KIID.

The Fund’s benchmark will be the Insurance Sector Index of the Colombo Stock Exchange (SPCSEINP).

Buying Price
Selling Price
Assets Under Management
50.1 Million
Last updated on 29/02/2024

Calendar Year Performance

Performance 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
SISF - - - - 2.90% 6.32%
Benchmark - - - - 12.89% 3.63%
Past performance is not indicative of future results
* Non - Annualized return
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