Nilanka Gamaethige

Mr. Nilanka Gamaethige has over fifteen years of experience in both international banks and a local bank. While working at both HSBC and Standard Chartered Banks he covered aspects mainly such as Portfolio Management, Proposition Management, PFS Lending, Brand Marketing, Operations, recoveries, branch management, strategic planning.

While at Standard Chartered Bank he also worked as a Teller Service Manager and thereafter as the acting Branch Manager at the Negombo branch and a Relationship Manager at the Lipton Circle Branch, Colombo.

In 2016 he moved to DFCC Bank PLC and worked for 5 plus years at retail banking handling the affluent client segment. He was assigned the task of setting up and operating the Negombo Premier center and acquiring affluent clients, which he successfully achieved within a short period of time. He also well contributed to the growth of SME and Corporate sector of the Negombo branch. He also got the opportunity to complete a SME Workshop at JNIBF Hydrabad India. Mr.Gamaethige has a Degree in Business Management from the Manchester metropolitan university.

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