Mr. Keshav Balasuriya

Mr. Keshav Balasuriya is an Investment/Portfolio Manager at E.W. Balasuriya & Co (Pvt) Ltd., covering Listed Equities, Fixed Income and Real Estate asset classes since 2013. He is also a member of the Treasury Department at Senkadagala Finance PLC, since 2016 covering funding and proprietary investments of Senkadagala Finance PLC which has been operating over 50 years.
Mr. Keshav Balasuriya has been instrumental in initiating and acquiring Candor Asset Management (Pvt) Ltd from Eagle Proprietary Investment Limited in 2020. He also serves as a member of the Investment Committee of Senfin Asset Management (Pvt) Ltd.
Mr. Keshav Balasuriya holds an MSc (Hons) degree in Computer Science from the University of Bristol and a Master of Finance (MFin) from the University of Cambridge.

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