Mr. Sanath Divale Bandaranayake

Mr. Bandaranayake currently serves as an Executive Director / Additional CEO of Senkadagala Finance PLC.
Mr. Bandaranayake served at Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC, the largest and the most awarded bank in Sri Lanka, for 36 years. He has served Commercial Bank in various capacities such as Branch Manager (Kandy, City Office), Chief Manager, Assistant General Manager and Deputy General Manager (Operations) and was a core member of the Management teams which led the Bank to important milestones such as introducing Banking Software to improve the bank’s operations (which is very successfully used even today), Holiday Banking and Supermarket Banking. During his career at the Commercial Bank, he was appointed as Director at LankaClear and also served as Director of Commex Sri Lanka S R L (subsidiary of Commercial Bank based in Italy) and ONEzero Company Ltd., (subsidiary of Commercial Bank engaged in the business of Information Technology). Mr. Bandaranayake holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Sciences from the University of Sri Lanka, Vidyodaya Campus.

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